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The Familientag of today

The original purpose of the annual meetings was to maintain a good, warm relationship amongst the Kröhne descendants. One way to express this closeness was the mutual address amongst members of the Familientag as cousins.


Newcomers attending one of our family reunions may at first be surprised at how warmly they are received amongst family members, for they are still, one could argue, strangers. People are addressed informally, questions arise about family lines and branches, soon the ice is broken and one feels at home.


Nowadays, our family reunions - which typically take place in the first or second weekend of October - have not only family tree updates as a subject of interest: wherever possible, we also add life stories, within a historic context, to those names contained in our family tree. For this purpose, presentations about members of different family lines have been given since 2008. As an example, R. Ebert´s presentation in 2014 (in Arnstadt) about family members during WWI (100 years after the outbreak of that war) was a very moving one. Indeed, this is a particularly moving experience when one belongs to the family line about which an account is being given.


Each venue where the Familientag is hosted has its own charm. City tours (either on foot or by bus) are organised during the Familientag´s weekend. There is always something for everyone, including early birds and late leavers.


Maybe you would also like to attend our next Familientag?

In 2020 the 16th family day in Lutherstadt Wittenberg had to be held due to the Covid 19 pandemic
unfortunately postponed indefinitely.

Our next Kröhnescher Familientag is expected to take place in Leipzig in 2021.

2004 Waldenburg

2006 Nimbschen / Grimma

2007 Erfurt

2008 Nürnberg

2009 Tostedt / Hamburg

2010 Leipzig

2011 Berlin

2012 Dresden

2013 Glauchau

2014 Arnstadt

2015 Eisenach

2016 Überlingen*

Blick Altmarkt zur Johanniskirche

2017 Plauen

2018 Altenburg

2019 Mühlhausen

2021 Leipzig

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